TAFCON is a conference and networking event hosted annually in The Gambia. In addition, it doubles as TAF Africa Global’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

The conference’s first edition launched 3 years ago, December 2015, in Madiba Mall at the TAF Corporate Offices in The Gambia. It discusses Developmental Challenges, Business and Politics. Today, it covers almost all topics, from Investments, National Youth Development and Disabilities. It is against this backdrop that this networking event is being organized, to support The Gambia in its endeavors and help communities in The Gambia and beyond.

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An Entrepreneurs Perspective Opportunities and Challenges in The Gambia

At 2016, the event could not be done in December due to the political impasse in The Gambia. As a compromise for missing the December event, a smaller and more causal networking event was conducted at La Residence in March 2017. Since then, we have set out objectives to serve as a guide. The new Gambia presents a major opportunity for accelerated national development which should have entrepreneurship as an important cornerstone. This has brought an imperative need to organize this networking event, to support The Gambia Government in its endeavors and to use this opportunity for TAF Africa Global to re-emerge as the leading real estate developer in the nation.

In addition to providing an opportunity for networking and experience sharing, the event will address issues of importance for entrepreneurship and national development at this critical juncture in our national development. This has led to a rethinking of a number of policy and strategic issues which include youth entrepreneurship, national development and change management. This means taking into consideration the youth, the physically disabled and other vulnerable groups. TAFCON provides an opportunity for these groups to interact with other stakeholder groups, including those that are responsible for shaping policy and decision making. This allows us to further question each of our roles in national development by asking what skills and capacities there are for making entrepreneurship work in The Gambia, How can youth spearhead this drive, and what needs change regarding issues of leadership, values, ethics and work culture. Our primary targets for TAFCON includes (but not limited to) government officials, business leaders, Gambians from the diaspora, and other influential groups/members of society from The Gambia and the sub-region.